Who we are. And what we do.

Informations for international customers

Mission statement

FFH-Academy is a private owned company providing up-to-date training and coaching for professionals in Radio Industry, particularly on-air-personal, editors and editors-in-chief. The workshops we do are open for any radio-professional who wants to improve his (or her) skills of “doing radio” state-of-the-art.


FFH-Academy´s workshops and trainings deal with each subject relevant for people in Radio Industry. There are workshops either on basic radio skills as editing, presenting, programming, promotion and sound design, or up-to-date issues as mobile/crossmedia reporting and social media in radio. Moreover FFH-Academy provides courses on soft skills such as techniques for creative writing, project management and time/self-management on a regular basis. Each workshop has its own site on www.ffhacademy.de.


The trainings are given by well-experienced lecturers who are currently on-duty (mostly since many years) in the radio business. Evidentially they have excellent skills as radio professionals and rich experience in teaching and training. Most of them currently are staff members (or have been in the at present 23 years lasting history of market leader HIT RADIO FFH) on-duty at HIT RADIO FFH, planet radio or harmony.fm, the three FM-Stations operated by Radio/Tele FFH GmbH & Co KG based in Bad Vilbel (Germany).


Trainings take place either in the FFH-broadcasting center (“Funkhaus”) in Bad Vilbel, Germany, home base of FFH-Academy. Besides outstanding room facilities for training and coaching (different sizes varying from 20 up to 200 square meters, all equipped with daylight, air condition and audio/video hardware state-of-the-art) training in the FFH-Funkhaus stands out due to inspiring closeness to three radio programs getting produced live “just around the corner”. So coachees always can take a close look on editors or hosts doing their job, asking them some questions or network with each other.  What a great atmosphere and environment!  Many events take place in big cities throughout Germany, especially in North Rhine-Westfalia, e.g. Cologne, Bonn and Düsseldorf. So FFH-Academy aims to be near to the home bases of Academy´s customers! Of course each course could be held “on the spot” at every radio station in UK or Europe.


Up to now radio stations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have send their employees (or freelancers) to take part in trainings and courses at FFH-Academy (vice versa FFH-Academy operates around a dozen workshops each year for Vienna-based company “Privatsenderpraxis”, which provides qualifications for radio stations in Austria). Typically FFH-Academy-customers do their job in radio stations programming in local or regional markets. Mostly the stations are in private ownership, but more and more also customers of public owned stations sign up. They all return home with brand news skills and experiences.

Ownership & Management

Founded in 2009 FFH-Academy is operated by „news-n-cast Radioberatung Norbert Linke“ (www.news-n-cast.de) in cooperation with Radio/Tele FFH GmbH & Co. KG, the company producing market leading radio program HIT RADIO FFH (www.ffh.de). Norbert Linke, owner of news-n-cast and former news director of HIT RADIO FFH (1991-2009), also acts as director of FFH-Academy.


The workshops usually running as events open for customers from everywhere (often resulting in a inspiring variety of talents and tasks) also can be held inhouse - “at home” in your station, in locations worldwide. Your benefit: There can be a special focus on the given topics, just as you want. Or we do a workshop on a subject You are interested in but perhaps didn´t find in our schedule until now.  If interested in, please, contact us and we certainly will be able to serve you with a customized topic!

Information & Contact

Please be free to scroll our German site to get further information about the things we do and our program. Especially click on the tab named “Programm” where You will find workshops to be offered in the next few months. Having clicked on an single event the event-site popping up provides full information including an abstract in English! We as well would be glad answering Your questions personally by mail (info@ffhacademy.de) or phone (+49 6101 988 540).